1Russian Institute of Theater Arts GITIS by right is not only the greatest in Europe, but also one of the most prestigious schools of Drama at home and abroad. The origin of GITIS starts from 1878 year and continues his continuous- development to this day. Today GITIS is a professional educational institution training in every discipline of the art form: acting, design, directing, musical theater, ballet-master, variety theater, history and criticism, theater management and production.
GITIS it's a long history, a well-earned reputation and a results-based work. Teaming up with foreign schools and working with students from the other countries, we strive to create an international theater training center, based on the unique traditions of Russian theatrical art. Our educational institution can give to the students not only unforgettable impression but also an Invaluable experience of working with the famous professors and masters of their craft. Among our professors are Dmitry Krimov, Leonid Kheifets, Alexey Bartoshevitch, David Smelyansky, Tamara Sinyavskaya, Sergey Genovatch, Boris Lubimov, Alyona Karas, Dmitry Bertman, Alexander Galibin and many others cultural workers.

GITIS is an original primary source of the modern theater art: in spite of different opinions it is this institute were in fact legendary Art Theater has appeared. At the junction of centuries Vladimir Nemirovitch-Danchenko has demonstrated his proficiency as a theater there. His followers: Olga Knipper, Vsevolod Meyerhold, Ivan Moskvin together with the group of actors headed by Konstantin Stanislavsky formed company of players of The Moscow Art Theater in 1898.

Nowadays students are admitted based on talent and potential for a career in the professional theater; graduates of the GITIS are known for their accomplishments on the legitimate stage, in film and television, and a variety of other creative fields.