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GITIS auditions in Kazakhstan

January 23, 2024

GITIS launches auditions in the Republic of Kazakhstan the upcoming spring as our school deepens ties with the country.

14 performances will be shown at the III International Student Festival of graduation performances “GITIS fest”

November 21, 2023

The festival will showcase 14 performances from various theater schools and theaters in cities such as Belgorod, Belgrade (Serbia), Vladivostok, Zarechny, Kazan, Moscow, New Delhi (India), St. Petersburg, Shanghai (China), and Yaroslavl. The festival aims to serve as a platform for dialogue and collaboration between major Russian and international theater schools.

The Russian Theater School has started in Kazakhstan

September 19, 2023

Representatives from 11 countries gathered on the shores of Lake Zerenda to immerse themselves in a ten-day training program under the guidance of the best instructors from the GITIS and leading creative universities in Kazakhstan

Stanislavsky and musical theatre

April 25, 2023

International conference dedicated to the 160th anniversary of Konstantin Stanislavsky’s birth as part of the strategic academic leadership program “Priority-2030”


March 12, 2020

All the international festivals at GITIS are postponed

Stanislavsky’s Method Lives On

April 22, 2019

The Moscow Times visited GITIS and The Boris Shchukin Theater Institute to learn more about the method of the world-renowned director.

Check out our new booklet!

December 19, 2018

GITIS presents its new English booklet that contains all necessary information about institute, its traditions and unique study programs.

GITIS joined Forbes Universities ranking

June 29, 2018

Forbes magazine compiled the first ranking of Russian universities in order to assess the quality of Russian education and to find out which universities graduate young people with entrepreneurial streak, and even those who can later join the Forbes list or become a part of the Russian political elite.

GITIS International Students Give Interview

January 23, 2018

Russian Information Agency — RIA Novosti — took an interview from GITIS international students: Alya Hanin (Slovenia), Georgios Kutlis (Greece), and Daniela Petkovich (Serbia).

GITIS Alumnus Hits Oscar Short-List

December 20, 2017

“Loveless” — the film directed by GITIS alumnus Andrey Zvyagintsev — got short-listed for Oscar Best Foreign Language Film nomination.

GITIS Graduate Debut at La Scala

November 15, 2017

On November 12, Ruzil Gatin — a GITIS graduate — made his first appearance on La Scala stage in Milan (Ruzil graduated from GITIS Variety Department, prof. Borisov class).

Russian King Lear in Beijing

November 2, 2017

On October 25 GITIS students from Kamenkovich and Krimov directing class played King Lear at the WTEA 2017 International Theatre Festival in Beijing.

Beware of fake certificates!

October 30, 2017

Russian Institute of Theater Arts — GITIS is a well-recognized brand, so no wonder that some dishonest people are trying to exploit it. Here is an example of a fake GITIS certificate signed by a fake professor.

GITIS students visit Estonian Academy

October 10, 2017

Second-year students of Leonid Heifetz Directing class went to Tallinn as a second phase of student exchange program between GITIS and Estonian Academy of Music and Theater.

GITIS Rector expects the university to participate in events in Monaco, Georgia, and China

March 21, 2022

Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS) plans to take part in several theater-related events in Monaco, Georgia, and China, while the premiere of the student production in Tallinn was postponed, stated the rector of GITIS Grigory Zaslavsky on the air of the “Russia-24” TV Channel on Tuesday.

“In China, this year (if all covid restrictions will be lifted) next meeting of the International Alliance of Theater Schools should take place in September at the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing. We also plan a theater festival there. Naturally, these plans confirm everything,” he said.

In Georgia, according to him, it is planned to hold an International Summer Theater School with the participation of students and young actors. Zaslavsky hopes that young artists from Armenia and Azerbaijan will join the school this year. As for Monaco, a fencing master class and a performance in connection with the festival of stage fencing “Silver Sword” are scheduled to take place there on April 29th at the Theater De Variete. “So far, there has been no cancellation on their part. After all, there is still almost a month and a half ahead. There is hope that this event will take place,” the rector said.

He announced the postponement of the play by GITIS graduates at the Estonian Russian Theater in Tallinn. “We postponed it by agreement with the theater and actually on our initiative, just so that this premiere would not be accompanied by any political demonstrations, so that in the second half of the year this performance, as we hope, would be released in a more relaxed atmosphere,” the rector stated. Also, plans concerning the Russian Theater in Latvia have been postponed for the time being. “We are postponing Latvia for now. But not because some political problems interfere, but simply because the theater did not work there for almost the entire pandemic, and, of course, they have their creative plans in full,” Zaslavsky noted.

All Ukrainian students at GITIS were provided with financial support, the rector said. “To all Ukrainian students — both budgetary and extra-budgetary, and those who study with us on the state line, and those who enrolled on extra-budgetary grounds — we have now paid financial assistance of 10.000 rubles. In general, we will try to support them so that those who are ready to continue their studies do not feel abandoned,” he said.

The rector also noted the importance of preserving students’ relations with their parents in Ukraine. “It seems to me that everything that is happening now should not lead to breaking families. When students study in Moscow, they have one position, the parents who stayed in Ukraine have a different view of the current events. I talk to students, and I ask them to maintain relations with their parents anyway,” the rector said.

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